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BASH quick reference

BASH quick reference

Like perl and javascript, when writing a bash script it is good to write some short directives at the top of your scripts:

set -o errexit
set -o nounset

And others for failing pipelines:

set -o pipefail

Debugging can also be made easier by using xtrace:

set -o xtrace


Append an element


Length of array (element count)


Remove an element, the first element and then the last element

unset 'ary[0]'
unset "ary[$((${#ary[@]}-1))]"

Get Pipe Results

It is often useful to know if certain parts of a pipeline failed, bash offers a number of different ways:

cat file |grep orange |tee xlcr

But that relies on bash, a different way is using command grouping:

((((someprog; echo $? >&3) | filter >&4) 3>&1) | (read xs; exit $xs)) 4>&1
echo $?

Interesting no?


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