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Compiling omxplayer for Raspberry Pi

To compile on Gentoo you will need the following packages installed natively:


This is because boost is required for something and to compile boost you need the native tool b2, installed on Gentoo by boost-build. xmlto is required when building dbus I know you probably don't want dbus (nor do I) but until I get my finger out and write a patch we are stuck with it. docbook-xml-dtd is required for validation of dbus dbus-cleanup-sockets.1.xml which will fail if you try and install without it.

Kernel Sources

dbus needs kernel sources... dbus is a pain right?

You can get the rpi kernel sources from github and clone them straight into the /usr/armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi/usr/src/ directory, I did this:

git clone --depth 1 linux-rpi
ln -s linux-rpi linux

Emerging media-video/raspberrypi-omxplayer

Now we can do what we came here for...

armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi-emerge media-video/raspberrpi-omxplayer

This will emerge ffmpeg, dbus and a whole host of other chaff... once it is done you may need to go back and alter your USE flags.


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