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GPG Commands

GPG Commands

Quick reference of some useful GPG commands

Create a new Keypair

gpg --full-generate-key

The full bit allows you to create EC keys if you want and have a new enough version of GPG.

List Keys

gpg --list-keys

Adding an Identity to a Key

gpg --edit-key <key id>

At the gpg prompt:

gpg> list
[ultimate] (1). Something <>
[ultimate] (2)  Something Else <>

gpg> uid 2

[ultimate] (1). Something <>
[ultimate] (2)* Something Else <>
gpg> deluid

Really remove this user ID? (y/N) y

[ultimate] (1). Something <>

gpg> save

Be careful, you can select more than one at once (that is what the * is for)

Export your Public Key

gpg --armor --export <key id>

Import a Public Key

gpg --import <public key file>

Encrypt a File


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