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InspIRCd on Gentoo

InspIRCd on Gentoo

Setting up InspIRCd on Gentoo Linux

Installing & Configuring InspIRCd

As with all Gentoo installations:

emerge inspircd

The main configuration file for inspircd is /etc/inspircd/inspircd.conf.

I used a sample configuration file from: here but I decided to use OpenSSL rather than gnutls (which is not recommended). My configuration files are available at the bottom of this page, naturally I have changed all the passwords :-).

You should create empty files for motd.txt and rules.txt unless you wish to write some rules or an motd.

Installing and Configuring Anope

emerge anope

Configure anope by changing the following lines in /etc/anope/services.conf:

  • Set IRCDModule to inspircd20
  • Set RemoteServer to 7000 "mypassword"
  • Set ServerName to
  • Set NetworkName to your network name (
  • Set Numeric to 3AX
  • Set UseTS6
  • Set ServicesRoot to your desired operator names These should probably be the same as the operators as configured in your inspircd/opers.conf configuration file
  • Set SuperAdmin

The remaining configuration should be left alone and should be fine.

/etc/init.d/anope start

The configuration file I used is available in the references section.

Quick Reference

There are a few administrative tasks that may be useful in this section. The following procedures were tested with irssi and The Lounge (a JavaScript IRC client).

Registering a Nick

I assume you know how to register a nickname in IRC but a quick recap:

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>

And to identify (like logging in):

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

Registering a Channel

If your nick is an operator in the channel and your nick is registered with NickServ and identified ChanServ can be asked to register the channel.

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #mychannel mypassword Ben's Channel

Will register the channel with services, provided the nick in use has the +o mode (the user is an operator in that channel).

When you return to the channel ChanServ will make you an operator again.

If you wish to register a channel but you are not an operator...

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY mynickpassword
/oper ben myoperpassword
/msg OperServ SET SuperAdmin ON
/msg OperServ MODE #mychannel +o ben

The above 4 commands mean I have made my nick (ben) an operator in #mychannel. ben can be replaced in the last line to grant operator on this channel to any other user.

Once the other nick is an operator they can make the required changes. It would also be possible, since you are now a SuperAdmin to alter the various lists and options associated with the channel.

/msg ChanServ AOP #mychannel ADD ben
/msg ChanServ SET #mychannel FOUNDER otheruser

Remove channels... if you are FOUNDER or SuperAdmin then you may remove a channel from ChanServ management:

/msg ChanServ DROP #mychannel

Invite Only Channels

In channels that have +i mode enabled ChanServ can invite a user who has the appropriate permissions. Any user on the AOP list can be invited to a channel by ChanServ.

/msg ChanServ AOP #mychannel ADD anotheruser

Then anotheruser may ask ChanServ to invite them:

/msg ChanServ INVITE #mychannel
/join #mychannel


IRSSI Automatic Commands

Using /network add -autosendcmd "/^msg NickServ IDENTIFY mypassword" can be very useful... who wants to do that every time?

Also good is setting a nick for a network, realname etc:

/network add -nick ben -user ben -realname "Ben Green" freenode
/network modify -autosendcmd '/^msg NickServ IDENTIFY mypassword; wait 1000; ^oper ben myoperpassword; wait 1000' freenode
/channel add -auto #mychannel freenode

The IRSSI documentation is good for this stuff.

Sending a raw line to the IRC server

By default IRSSI will only send recognised commands to the server and some commands may normally take arguments or require you to be in a channel... in some cases, like when you are an operator, it can be useful to send strings directly to the server. To do this use /quote.

/quote WHO *

This command will allow you to see all the users on the server without having to be a member of a channel. Quite useful :-).

Could also be useful for you to see my other page ircclient and, naturally /help quote in irssi.


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