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IRC is great, much better than Slack and so I think everyone should use it over other messaging systems like Slack.


Identifying Yourself

Once connected to identify yourself to the server Command: USER

USER guest 0 * :Friendly Name

Then use NICK to register your nickname... this not the same as talking to NickServ! Command: NICK

NICK drcrane

You can issue this command at other times to change your nick.

NickServ may object to your nickname and will tell you so like this:

:NickServ!NickServ@services. NOTICE drcrane :This nickname is registered.

Your nick may be forcefully changed for you:

:drcrane!~guest@rdns.hostname NICK :Guest1

Now your nickname is Guest1... but you can change it at any time by issuing NICK to the server.

Responding to Server Messages

Most clients will understand and respond to some messages so that the server can identify your client and so that the server can check you are still connected.

Two very important ones are PING and PONG. the server may say something like this:


You should respond as soon as you can with:


The is just copied from the PING message.

Joining Channels and Sending Messages

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