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EU Directive on Cookies

EU Directive on Cookies

The EU in its infinate wisdom has decided that cookies are important and that visitors to websites need to be told so. Unfortunately the Google Analytics stuff you probably use on your site falls within the requirements for you to ask your visitor if it is ok to store a cookie on their computer.

Solution Implementations

ico. the Information Commissioners Office has a rather simple solution that is perhaps a little ugly but certainly does the job. Have a look and tell me what you think

ico website cookie banner

BT has implemented a rather nice solution that tells the user all they need to know about what data will be stored, why and how... this is what my own solution is based on. You can see from the image it is clear and allows the visitor to make an informed decsion.

bts cookie law solution

My Implementation

BT has spent much more time and money on their solution than the ico and it shows, the ico is just ugly.

Notes and Bugs

Implementation not working in quite the right way in WebKit/KHTML/Mo/Safari/Chrome/Chromium. Needs some attention when I get a chance

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