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Learning Perl

Learning Perl

I have started writing in Perl recently for some web stuff I am doing and also to help me in importing files (strangely formatted binary files) to a database using DBI and DBIx::Class. I will note on this page helpful hints that have helped me along the way.


Catalyst is a web framework recommended to me by a friend I met at DoES Liverpool, it helps to simplify development of web applications like many of these frameworks do but also has a focus on not getting in your way and being efficient. I like to have an introduction to these things so here is a video of one of the developers talking about Catalyst.


Diagram of Database Structure... IMPORTANT!

Inserting a Related Row

Firstly, let me show you what I did in my mangled Java/Scala/C mind.

Then I went to #catalyst on (really nice chaps btw) and they helped me see that I could do something like this:


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