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Learning Scala

Learning Scala

Recently I have been spending a lot of time with Perl and JavaScript... I once had a real distaste for Perl and I still do for JavaScript but my views have changed some what on Perl, mainly due to some of the functional features of the language. Many (if not all) of these features exist in Scala and being a huge fan of the JVM Scala is a language I wish to learn. I have been looking at Scala for quite some time but it is only more recently I have found more time to spend learning about different technologies.

As James Gosling says dyanmically typed languages have performance problems that are not easy to overcome. As Scala is statically typed we can certainly avoid these difficulties.

To begin I will just list some useful things that I have found, I wish I did this earlier because I have lost a few articles I would like to read again...

Information to Read and Watch

  • Dr Venkat Subramaniam on Scala this guy is very good and this is a great introduction to Sala.
  • Scala School. As we all know, Twitter has been using Scala in it's back-end for some time now and has had great success. They have given the community Bootstrap and also Scala School which looks to be a useful resource.

I will add to this list as my learning progresses.

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