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IceWeasel and Firefox Extensions

This is some information on how to install extensions for firefox/iceweasel system wide or on all profiles for a user.

This stuff is pretty simple and rather obvous once you see what is going on so this is just here to remind me what to do if I come across this problem again

Make Extensions/Addons Available for all users

Extensions/Addons are installed in ~/.mozilla/firefox//extensions/ by default. This means that they are only available for that specific profile and often you want the same extensions available for all profiles... and all users.

Install the extension and restart firefox. The extension will now be in the profile specific extensions folder. Move the extension from the profile folder into /usr/lib64/firefox/extensions (alter if you are using a 32 bit system /usr/lib/firefox/extensions).

sudo mv .mozilla/firefox/djn7382f.default/extensions/https-everywhere\ /usr/lib64/firefox/extensions/
sudo chown -R root:root /usr/lib64/firefox/extensions/https-everywhere\

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