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This Site

Here I just want to talk a little about this site, how it is put together and ideas for the future.


I quite like the current green template: 
green template

Click for larger version. It is clean and easy to read but naturally I have a candidate for an alternative I quite like.

File Layout

My old site used PmWiki, this was easy to use and gave me a quick markdown style language to write my pages in. Fantastic software by the way, we use it in my work to keep our teams up to date on various projects, store SSL keys for our VPN and various information about our servers is kept all in PmWiki (secured and backed up, of course). PmWiki often did not do what I wanted and so I installed lots of plug-ins, I even wrote some of my own. In the end I remember what my good friend Andrew Scott once said... "Well, you will use these fancy PHP packages, my site is completely hand crafted HTML". Well, now so is this!

Each page has content in plainhtml/category/pagename it is then processed by a quick and dirty Java program to make it fancy and the result is put in fancyhtml/.

Fonts I Used

The font used at the top is Museo Sans 500 which is like Proxima Nova but free.

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